Trump just promised to disobey a federal court’s ruling in an unhinged Saturday night Twitter rant


Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have gotten the message that his white nationalist obsession with immigration was roundly rejected by voters who defeated Republican candidates in record numbers in the midterm elections.

Despite Trump’s fear-mongering over a caravan of refugees, voters chose to react strongly against his lack of compassion for immigrants, his failure to address the real problems of income inequality,  his campaign to destroy affordable health care, his denial of climate change, and so many other issues that the president has used to divide the nation.

Yet, Trump refuses to let go of his signature rant and continues to pretend that it is the arrival of immigrants desperate to take the jobs that American citizens don’t want is a bigger problem than the greed of the group of wealthy predominantly white men who have engineered the undermining of the American middle class.

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He was at it again today, issuing a series of tweets on immigration policy that came on a day in which it was announced that the President-elect of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, had reached an agreement with President Trump to have asylum seekers stay in Mexico while their appeals move through U.S. Immigration courts.


By using terms that dehumanize the refugees by referring to them as if they were trout deemed too small to legally keep rather than sentient beings, Trump manages to follow in the footsteps of fascist leaders like Adolf Hitler who would similarly portray hated minorities as less than human in his propaganda.

Moreover, while it’s unclear from Trump’s semi-coherent tweet, it certainly appears that he’s planning to defy the recent court decision regarding his immigration policies that blocked his attempts limiting asylum requests by refugees as violating federal law and international treaties.

Whether the new deal with Mexico passes the muster in the courts or not,  Trump knows that when the Democratic House of Representatives takes office in January, he has a negligible chance of passing any legislation that supports his immigration agenda or funding for his costly panacea, the boondoggle border wall.

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Hopefully, the damage he can wreak on immigration policy in the meantime will be minimal, although likely thousands of people will be affected until he can be checked by real congressional oversight.

With his unprecedented threat to actually close the southern border, Trump has revealed the lengths to which he will go, the enormity of the tantrums he will throw, in order to get what he wants. He needs to be disciplined by Congress to learn how to become House-trained and exhibit behavior that doesn’t deserve a time-out. Otherwise, perhaps the border can be closed to him while he’s on his next overseas journey.

Join millions calling for AG Barr to resign after he defied his constitutional obligations to protect Trump!

Vinnie Longobardo

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