A huge neo-Nazi bust in Florida just uncovered a terrifying discovery

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Florida authorities just arrested a neo-Nazi gang just outside Tampa for selling fentanyl and methamphetamines, seizing enough guns, bombs, and dangerous weapons from the 39 people arrested to start a war.

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Members of the white supremacist United Aryan Brotherhood and the Florida-based Unforgiven neo-Nazi groups had over 100 weapons, two pipe bombs, and even a rocket launcher.

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The Justice Department announced the mass arrest, detailing their cooperation with local authorities in Pasco County, a once-rural community that has become a massive suburb of Tampa. Tampa Bay’s ABC News channel WTFS reports:

It was a three-year investigation ending with more than 110 illegal firearms seized.

But most stunning of all is the amount of guns authorities confiscated including a rocket launcher and pipe bombs.

Richard Mormon… was caught with at least two fully operational pipe bombs. Authorities say they aren’t aware of any plans Mormon had with them.

“I want to send a message to these defendants that you can’t keep coming in and out of prison and come back and affect the community with violence and drug trafficking,” said Maria Chapa Lopez, U.S State Attorney for Middle District of Florida in a press release.

The number of hate crimes in America surged 17% in 2017 according to the FBI, the first year of the racist Trump presidency.

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White supremacists committed the majority of terrorist killings in America in 2017. Florida, in particular, is littered with stories of heavily armed neo-Nazis planning horrors.

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Last year, a neo-Nazi in Tampa murdered his two roommates who were members of a group called “Atomwaffen Division” which led to police discovering a cache of explosive material. That group has been tied to five murders in three other states.

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Earlier this year, a Miami Beach Nazi tried to take revenge on his neighbors over his impending eviction and attempted to burn down a 15-story high rise condominium, and came scarily close to succeeding.

Federal authorities in Tampa may have averted yet another extremist murder or a massacre in Florida with this week’s arrest.

At a minimum, they’ve managed to take thirty-nine of America’s most dangerous neo-Nazis off the streets while keeping the deadly fentanyl out of the hands of drug users.

We wonder what the headlines would be if a group of forty members of non-white non-Christians were caught stockpiling assault rifles and bombs.

Original reporting by Isabel Rosales at ABC ACTION NEWS WFTS TAMPA BAY.

Grant Stern

Editor at Large

Grant Stern is a columnist for the Washington Press. He's also mortgage broker, writer, community activist and radio personality in Miami, Florida.

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