March 25, 2023

White House just announced Trump won’t be attending Veterans’ Day memorial at Arlington Cemetery

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President Donald Trump has spent much of his short-lived political career exploiting our military servicemen and using them as a cudgel for the twisted, self-aggrandizing conception of “nationalism” that he sells to supporters at his rally — but it appears that when it comes to actually honoring them for their service, he’s not willing to put up with a little rain.

Just two days after Trump inspired outrage for bailing on a ceremony honoring the fallen Americans who died in the First World War because of rain, the White House has announced that he won’t be visiting Arlington National Cemetery today.

There’s a 90% chance of rain today at Arlington. 

Traditionally, if the president is in Washington D.C. (Trump was overseas last year), he pays a visit to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, where over 400,000 of our nation’s military dead have been laid to rest. President Clinton gave a speech honoring the fallen all 8 years; President Obama missed two due to overseas travel but never failed to go when he had the chance.

Can you even imagine the reaction from FOX News if Pres. Obama had skipped even one Veterans’ Day because he’d rather sit inside and watch television all day?

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But don’t worry, folks; the President has found his own way to honor our fallen warriors.

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While he speaks often of our armed forces at his rallies, in practice, Trump can’t be bothered to give them the time of day. Donald Trump waged a heartless feud against the widow of slain Green Beret La David Johnson, used the death of Chief of Staff Gen. Kelly’s son as a cudgel to attack President Obama with, famously dodged a meeting with veterans by sending Omarosa to meet with them instead, and slandered the parents of an Iraq War hero because they were Muslim.

There’s also the time he tried to get veteran vendors kicked off of New York’s 5th Avenue because they were “unsightly,” or the time he skipped a FOX News debate to hold a “fundraiser” for veterans and then had to be bullied by the media into actually paying out the money.

While the president publicly worships our veterans as part of his patriotic minstrel show for all of his hooting and baying fans, he’s made it clear time and time again that he couldn’t care less for their sacrifices beyond their own political utility to him and his ambitions.


Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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