Obama just publicly upstaged Trump with powerful Veterans Day message


While President Trump demonstrates his total selfishness and lack of respect towards veterans through his actions at the Armistice Day ceremonies celebrating the centenary of the end of World War I, former President Barack Obama issued an eloquent statement on Twitter to mark the occasion, celebrated as Veteran’s Day here in the United States.

Obama’s gratitude to our veterans and service members rings as a genuine and heartfelt expression of his feelings and stand in stark contrast to Trump’s highly scripted Veteran’s Day tweet which was devoid of any appeal to the kinds of values that his predecessor so articulately espoused.

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While Trump’s words may speak of honoring veterans, his actions — at the cemetery visit  that he skipped because of rain, at the memorial ceremony attended by world leaders for which he arrived late, and his failure to visit active-duty troops at all during the two years of his presidency to date — all display a profound disregard and contempt for veterans and for military service in general that only serves to remind the American public that they elected a man who evaded his own military duties in the Vietnam War by seeking a deferment for dubious “bone spurs.”

Trump’s failure as an inspirational figurehead for the vast majority of rational Americans makes many of us long for the Obama era when they weren’t being embarrassed daily on the international stage by a fractious and surly, undiplomatic “leader” as the responses to Obama’s tweet indicate.


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Hopefully, soon the national nightmare that is the Trump administration will be over and the kind of presidential behavior that Barack Obama exemplified and continues to demonstrate will return to the norm. It can’t happen soon enough.

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