Jim Carrey just ripped Trump and defended Jim Acosta in a brilliant new painting


President Trump’s contempt for the First Amendment has been amply displayed through his constant attacks on any media reporting facts contrary to his agenda and his delusions as “fake news,” but he hit a new low this week when he insulted numerous reporters from his podium and then attacked CNN’s Jim Acosta and improperly stripped him of his White House Press credentials with a phony accusation after Acosta asked him one too many difficult questions.

Noted actor, comedian, and part-time political cartoonist Jim Carrey couldn’t help but make the contretemps the subject of his latest artwork, defending Acosta as a model of patience in his dealings with the recalcitrant president and providing a hilarious reason for the difficulties the reporter has faced in covering an administration unlike any other in American history, and not in a good way.

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Yes, working with animals can be difficult, particularly when the horse’s ass is facing him the whole time he has to ask Trump questions. Naturally, in this situation, it’s not surprising when every answer that Acosta gets is pure horse manure.

Thanks to Jim Carrey for his perceptive and sadly accurate take on the president’s relationship with the press and CNN and Jim Acosta, in particular.  We await his next satirical drawing with keen anticipation.

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Vinnie Longobardo

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