A Texas firefighter just posted on Facebook urging shooting of immigrants and quickly paid for it

The pushback against racist employees by businesses and institutions who don’t want their reputations besmirched by the deplorable rantings of their hate-filled and angry workers hasn’t seemed to stop some people from sharing their prejudice in horrifically vile posts on social media, as a story reported by ABC News demonstrates.

A part-time firefighter who had cobbled together a living working for two different Houston-area fire squads and an EMS team lost all three of those positions after making a Facebook post that called for baiting traps for illegal immigrants at the border and allowing hunters to buy licenses to shoot and kill them.

The man, named Chris Bush, posted this message on Facebook earlier this week:

“We should buy deer feeders fill them with pinto beans put them on the border and make a new hunting season. I wonder how many Texans will buy that hunting licenses and how many tags we would be allowed…”

Texas Latinos in the Houston area were outraged when they saw the post and, concerned that a first responder would be so blatantly calling for the murder of innocent immigrants, contacted the fire departments that Bush worked with to express their displeasure.

The firefighter made it easy for the complainants to find his places of work since they were clearly listed on Bush’s Facebook page: Westfield Fire Department, Bellaire Fire department, and Harris County EMS (better known as Acute Medical.)

When contacted by the ABC News affiliate in Houston, the city of Bellaire issued this statement:

“Wednesday morning we became aware of an inappropriate and offensive social media post by a part-time firefighter. Upon learning of that post, we took immediate and appropriate action, and the individual is no longer employed with the City of Bellaire.”

Hopefully, this latest example of the consequences of blatant expressions of racism and anti-immigrant behavior will serve as a warning to anyone else thinking about doing something equally offensive.

However, with the president of the United States setting a horrendous example right at the top of our government, we should expect to see more incidents like this coming down the pike and need to ensure that all of our local government agencies act as quickly to root out the people who sully their reputations as Bush’s employers did.

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Original reporting by Miya Shay at ABC News.

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