John McCain’s former Chief of Staff just sent his own party an unexpected election day message


If there is even a sliver of a chance of salvaging any part of the Republican Party, it hinges on a total repudiation of Trump and his GOP enablers at the polls today. Conservatives have to be punished for supporting a man who is working around the clock to undermine our democratic institutions, and who continues to promote hatred and violence against Americans.

If the GOP isn’t dealt a staggering blow today, they’ll see it as encouragement to continue down the same disastrous road they’ve been treading since Trump was sworn in. Hit them hard enough, and they might finally be forced to recalibrate their politics.

With that in mind, some “NeverTrump” Republicans and some former Republicans are stepping up to the plate and doing the patriotic thing by voting for Democrats. Even if they don’t agree with broad swathes of the Democratic Party’s platform, they correctly recognize that the Democrats are the only ones capable of stopping Trump at this point.

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One such person advocating doing the right thing is Mark Salter, the former Chief of Staff and speechwriter for the late Republican Senator John McCain. He took to Twitter and urged voters to vote for Democrats “in most cases” and admitted that it felt weird for him to suggest such actions.

McCain, one of the modern patron saints of the Republican Party, sporadically sparred with Trump over policy and style, and bravely voted down the president’s disastrous healthcare repeal in a dramatic, now-famous moment.

It’s impossible to guess what McCain would have said during today’s midterms, but the fact that his former protege is supporting Democrats is a clear sign that there are at least some sane Republicans left in this country.


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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.