May 17, 2022

The Florida yoga studio shooter was just exposed as a right-wing extremist

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A far-right extremist was behind one of the latest incidents of hate-fueled gun violence that took place yesterday at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, Florida, according to a report on BuzzfeedNews today.


Forty-year-old Scott Paul Beierle walked into the premises of Hot Yoga Tallahassee late yesterday afternoon and killed two women while wounding four other people before turning his weapon upon himself and committing suicide.

The victims were identified as  Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, 61, a doctor at Florida State University’s College of Medicine, and FSU student Maura Binkley, 21. That both victims were female was likely not coincidental, given the social media posts that BuzzFeedNews found under Beierle’s name online.

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The right-wing terrorist was a self-declared “incel,” or involuntary celibate, who became a dedicated misogynist after he failed in his attempts to enter physical relationships with women.

Given the malice with which he regarded women, African-Americans, and immigrants in his online posts, it’s not surprising that women didn’t find Beierle particularly appealing.

BuzzFeedNews cited a series 2014 YouTube videos that the killer created featuring his hateful comments on the women he went to high school with, calling them “sluts” and “whores” and accusing them of  “collective treachery” for betraying “their blood” in interracial relationships.

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Tallahassee Police declined to say whether the women Beierle murdered were specifically targeted, citing their ongoing investigation, but did reveal that he had been investigated previously for harassing women.

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The shooter’s YouTube posts provide further evidence of his hateful paranoid ideology, including references to the incel hero Elliot Rodger, who became the face of the deluded young men who have adopted the involuntary celibate nomenclature after killing six people and wounding 14 others in a 2014 massacre at a Santa Barbara, California sorority house.

“I’d like to send a message now to the adolescent males… that are in the position, the situation, the disposition of Elliot Rodger, of not getting any, no love, no nothing. This endless wasteland that breeds this longing and this frustration. That was me, certainly, as an adolescent,” he confessed in one video.

Another video he made at around the same time was titled “The Rebirth of my Misogynism,” using an incorrect form of the word “misogyny,” and listed the names of every woman who rejected him from the eighth grade until his time in the army. In that video, he railed against a woman who had canceled dates with him by saying “I could have ripped her head off.”

More recently Beierle expressed his anger in disturbing songs he wrote and posted on Soundcloud, featuring titles like “Fuck ’Em All,” “Nobody’s Type,” American Wigger,” and “Locked in my Basement.” The songs featured lyrics like:

“To hell with the boss that won’t get off my back / To hell with the girl I can’t get in the sack” and “I’m no athletic shark. I’m not a physical specimen. I don’t win the trophies and medals. Nobody stands in awe of me.”

Complaining that women didn’t find him attractive, he sang that he would “blow off” the head of a woman he referred to as a “c*#t” and described kidnapping a woman to chain and rape her in his basement.

Beierle also demonstrated his extremist right-wing views in his postings, criticizing Obama for subsidizing “the casual sex lives of slutty girls” through the contraception provisions of the Affordable Care Act and parroting President Trump’s anti-immigrant rantings, demanding that asylum-seeking migrants be deported on barges.

Perhaps the most disturbing lyrics that BuzzFeedNews discovered in the killer’s postings, however, came in the song “Handful of Bare Ass,” perhaps inspired by his two arrests for “grabbing women’s buttocks without their consent,” charges that were later dropped without conviction.

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“I have no shame, but this is to blame. I would do anything. I just don’t care. I have no fear of any consequences,” he sang.

“I am pro-death,” the song continued. “The more that die the merrier.”

While Beierle thankfully spared taxpayers the expense of a trial and his incarceration by turning his gun on himself after his heinous acts, it’s a tremendous shame that he took his sexual frustration out on two innocent people who didn’t deserve to die because of his inherent unlovability and general repulsiveness.

Beierle suffered from the disappointment of the expectations of his white male privilege that he believed entitled him to have sex with women whether they wanted him or not. That this phenomenon has emerged in the era of Trump should be no surprise given the “p*ssy-grabbing” president’s own lack of respect for women.

The best memorial you can pay to these slain victims of a deluded incel would be to vote all of the Republicans out of office next Tuesday. Do it in their memory.

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Original reporting by David Mack, Amber Jamieson, and Julia Reinstein at BuzzFeedNews.

Vinnie Longobardo

is the Managing Editor of Washington Press and a 35-year veteran of the TV, mobile, & internet industries, specializing in start-ups and the international media business. His passions are politics, music, and art.

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