March 25, 2023

Trump just selected a former FOX & Friends host to be the next U.N. Ambassador

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President Trump has identified his next ambassador to the United Nations with the resignation of Nikki Haley, and you’ll be entirely unsurprised to learn it’s someone he used to watch on television.

Heather Nauert has reportedly been offered the position, though we don’t know if she has accepted it yet, according to FOX News, ABC, and the Wall Street Journal. She previously worked as a FOX News host on the Big Story, became a newsreader on the president’s favorite show, FOX and Friends, in 2012 before joining the government as a spokeswoman for the State Department in 2017, meaning that she has almost no experience in diplomacy or international relations.

What she does have, and what Trump clearly values above everything else, is loyalty to the Trump family. She publicly tweeted support for Ivanka Trump after Nordstrom’s pulled all Ivanka Trump-branded clothing from their shelves, saying she would buy two pairs and promote them on FOX and Friends that week.

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Since then, she’s been dutifully carrying water for the Trump team, knowing that they’re going to be her ticket to high-level government jobs and the source of huge wealth for her husband, who is an executive director at vampiric financial behemoth Morgan Stanley.

The shoes she has to fill are not large; Nikki Haley thoroughly disgraced herself at the United Nations with her walk-out tantrum over the rest of the world’s desire for the Israelis to stop gunning down Palestinians by the thousands and by parroting the President’s unnecessary abrasiveness and rudeness to the international community.

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It is almost certain that Nauert will behave in the same way if she is chosen. It is truly remarkable for our childish president to be so intent on assembling a cabinet of his favorite television personalities, like a child who wants to play with all of his TV pals — and should be yet another reason for you to get out to the polls next week and vote to make sure he loses his majority and cannot simply ram through the confirmation of this unqualified talking head to one of our nation’s top diplomatic posts.

UPDATE: After the publication of this article, the President told reporters that he had not offered her the job but that she was under “serious consideration,” which may mean that she said no and he’s trying to save face.

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Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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