February 5, 2023

Three recruits just got banned from the Army after racist Halloween photo surfaces

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While the Halloween season should be a time of carefree celebration and communal fun, every year there are a handful of people who cast an unsavory atmosphere over the entire affair by abusing the holiday to dress up in stunningly racist costumes.


Such was the case this year in Minnesota with the circulation of a photo of three high school students that shows two of them dressed up as Klansman and the third in blackface.

According to The Med City Beat Rochester Public Schools is currently investigating the picture, which has been spreading through social media and is said to feature students from John Marshall High School. The publication has not released the names of the individuals because it’s still unclear if some or all of them are minors.

In it, the two men dressed as members of the KKK are pretending to capture the man in blackface as they give a Nazi salute. The photo goes far beyond the territory of simple bad taste into outright hatred and bigotry.

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The school district sent a letter home to families, promising to take appropriate action once the investigation into the image concludes. It’s not a particularly surprising response given the vile nature of the image, and one can’t help but wonder how these absolute imbeciles expected this stunt to pan out.

“We are unable to provide further comment on this situation due to state and federal data privacy laws that protect student information. However, it is important for our community to know that RPS strives to create a welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds and is committed to providing a learning environment that is free from discrimination,” said a district spokesperson.

The district also sent a statement to the local media, insisting that the photograph is not indicative of the larger attitudes of the student body or faculty.

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“The social media post is not a reflection of what our district students and staff believes and feels. We will use this as an opportunity to talk, educate, and grow as a community as we work to become even stronger and more inclusive to all students,” the statement reads.

Thankfully, the three Cro-magnons responsible for the costumes are already paying the price. Med City Beat reports that a local food store said to employ one of the students said it doesn’t condone the behavior and “will address this matter with this employee right away.”

Similarly, the local Army recruiting station has stated that the men are now barred from enlisting in the military. They’ve released a statement saying that they will not be moving forward with their recruitment despite them having signed contracts.

“Because the questionable conduct of these three individuals is inconsistent with Army values, they will no longer continue the process to become U.S. Soldiers. The Army does not tolerate inappropriate behavior by anyone within our ranks, [including] recruits who have signed a contract to join in the future. It is important for everyone on our team to live and demonstrate the Army values every day,” Marlene Bland of the 3rd Recruiting Brigade stated.

It’s safe to presume that these three never expected such serious repercussions when they decided to make light of racist murders, but it’s exactly what they deserve. These men can’t be trusted in normal society, let alone the military.

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