Trump just pushed the conspiracy that motivated the synagogue shooter

Only a few days after the tragic shooting inside a Pittsburgh synagogue that left 11 innocent people dead, President Trump has taken to once again flirting with the same anti-semitic conspiracy theories that drove the shooter to carry out mass murder.

The killer believed in numerous hateful conspiracy theories about Jews and was also convinced that some group or person was funding the migrant caravan that has become the subject of hysterical news coverage on the right. Trump has dabbled in both conspiracies, targeting Jewish billionaire and philanthrope George Soros in order to incite his base. Trump has also mused that there could be sinister forces behind the migrant caravan.

Now, Trump has doubled down on the dangerous talking points. While talking to reporters on the White House lawn, he was asked if thought there was somebody funding the caravan.

“I wouldn’t be surprised, yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised,” Trump said. The reporter pressed to ask if he thought it could be George Soros.

“I don’t know who, but I wouldn’t be surprised. A lot of people say yes,” Trump said in his trademark dissembling fashion, making it unclear if he meant he wouldn’t be surprised if there was funding, or if he wouldn’t be surprised if Soros was the one doing it.

That said, it doesn’t really matter what the president meant specifically. The entire talking point is completely made up, and there is no evidence of Democrats or anyone else funding the migrants, just like there’s no reason for them to do it that would make any kind of sense.

The bigger problem here is that men like the synagogue shooter could hear these comments from the most powerful man in the world, take it as confirmation that there are secret cabals working against America, and take violent action.

Trump is never going to accept responsibility and he’s never going to stop engaging in this kind of harmful behavior. Our only means of recourse is to vote him and his enablers out as soon as possible. Vote next week, and vote blue.

Watch the clip below.