Trump just blew anti-Semitic dog whistle hours after synagogue massacre


You can’t teach a bigoted old dog new tricks. Within hours after a raging anti-Semitic murderer killed 11 people at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh in the worst attack on the Jewish community in U.S. history, Trump was back on the campaign stump spouting coded anti-semitic dog-whistles to a Future Farmers of America audience in Indianapolis.

Trump seemingly can’t help but continue to preach the gospel of white nationalism despite being presented with clear evidence of the destructiveness of his tainted rhetoric time and again in this week filled with his hate-speech’s deadly consequences.

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His sermons of exclusion and selfishness may as well have been penned by Satan although they were most likely channeled directly from hell by his self-loathing minister of misanthropy, Stephen Miller.

Given our unfortunate situation of having an unrepentant destructive nexus of evil installed in the White House, we all have a moral imperative to remove Trump and his Republican enablers from office as soon as humanly possible. Take Trump’s foul utterances as the inspiration to resist his horrid agenda with every ounce of your being and do everything you can to turn the midterm elections into a blue wave so powerful it will wash away the stench his presence brings to our body politic.

In other words, vote as if your life — and everyone else’s — depends on it. For once, that’s hardly hyperbole.


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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Think Progress.

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