October 6, 2022

Social media accounts belonging to the MAGABomber were just discovered and they are chilling

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This morning, authorities arrested Cesar Sayoc, 56, of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, as a suspect in the case of the improvised explosive devices that were mailed to nearly every one of Trump’s favorite characters in his pantheon of paranoid delusions.


Social media users quickly identified his social media accounts, and if there was any doubt as to what this man’s intentions were or what his political affiliations were, they were immediately cleared up.

Posting under the name Cesar Altieri, the accounts are filled with nothing but pro-Trump memes, anti-George Soros conspiracy memes, and blurry, poorly shot videos of a Trump rally that Cesar attended.

There were three accounts — one on Facebook, and two on Twitter, @hardrock2016 and 

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In addition to the endless memes about Hillary Clinton and the rest of her pizza shop pals, a great number of tweets were devoted to Florida’s Democratic candidate for Governor, Andrew Gillum, who right-wing media are doing their best to link to right-wing boogeyman and Democratic donor George Soros.

He even appeared to make other threats against Republican Senators for their half-hearted and ultimately performative displays of criticism against the President:


He also claimed that Parkland school shooting was a false flag operation:

While these social media accounts have not been confirmed, reporters are fairly certain they belong to the suspect, Cesar Sayoc. (UPDATE: The Daily Beast has confirmed they belong to Cesar.)

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NBC News reports that the suspect is 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc Jr. Sayoc is a registered Republican with a lengthy criminal record and a history of making violent threats, including bombings, in the past. 

It’s very clear that this man has some serious issues and an obsession with President Donald Trump — which means that the president’s constant incitement of his followers to violence played a huge role in inspiring the attempted bombings.

h/t to K. Thor Jensen, Matt Binder, and Amanda on Twitter dot com

Colin Taylor

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