The Georgia governor’s race was just hit with a new voter suppression scandal affecting thousands


The tight race for the governorship of Georgia has been tarnished from the start by accusations of voter suppression against the Republican candidate George Kemp, who also happens to be the Secretary of State and is thus in charge of running the entire election.

The latest alarming incident to make headlines broke this afternoon when it was revealed that more than 4,500 vote-by-mail applications have gone missing for DeKalb county, which just so happens to be one of Georgia’s most liberal and densely populated counties.

County election officials said they could only confirm they had received 48 of out of the thousands of vote-by-mail applications that Democratic vote monitors were trackings. The officials promised that they would quickly call the affected voters and tell them they needed to re-request their ballots before the fast-approaching November 2nd deadline.

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Democratic Party spokesman Seth Bringman was understandably furious and labeled the “mistake” what it most likely is: naked voter suppression.

“Our message to voters is this: If you requested a vote-by-mail ballot from your county and your county did not send you a ballot, go in-person if you are able to an early voting site. We will not allow Brian Kemp’s voter suppression or mistakes by election officials to take away your right to vote” said Bringman to the New York Times.

Brian Kemp has been previously caught admitting to donors that he was “concerned” about the high level of voter turnout and voter energy for Abrams. So far in this election cycle, the state of Georgia has kicked over a hundred thousand people off of the voting rolls, suspended the applications of 53,000 more would-be voters, and rejected nearly 600 absentee ballots.


It’s clear that as the midterms draw closer, Kemp’s efforts to subvert democracy and disenfranchise the people of Georgia’s of their ability to choose their leader are going to become more and more egregious. We can’t allow him to get away with it.

Original reporting by Matt Flegenheimer, Jonathan Martin and Astead W. Herndon at the New York Times.

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Colin Taylor

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