Marco Rubio just sparked outrage with tone-deaf attack on Democrats after attempted bombing


It’s not great when the daily news cycle overturns your carefully crafted campaign rhetoric after the mailers have already gone out. Marco Rubio’s campaign staff learned that lesson the hard way today.

That staff was asleep at the wheel today as the nation is transfixed with the spate of deadly pipe bombs mailed to prominent progressive Democratic politicians by the unknown person (or persons) being dubbed the MAGA-bomber on Twitter.

Not only did Rubio’s fundraising email falsely paint the Democrats as the extremists in this country, but it did so on a day that events conclusively proved that the only acts of terrorism in America are originating with right-wing Republican Trump maniacs.

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Rick Klein, the political director at ABC News, tweeted out his shock at Rubio’s marketing material turning up in his email inbox on this particular morning without the campaign staff intervening to stop the inconveniently-timed distribution of the provocative propaganda.

He later sent a screenshot of Rubio’s email confirming the particularly ill-timed decision to send the wrong message at the wrong time.


While the original message gets cut off in the tweet, the opening lines — “I don’t know if you’ve seen the news lately, but it’s not good. Democrat’s partisanship has gone into overdrive, and the norms that once governed our politics and public discourse are gone.” — prove exactly how backward and mistakenly the Rubio campaign’s messaging has assessed the situation in America.

Given today’s events, it’s perfectly clear that it’s not the Democrats driving partisanship and violence. While Republicans loudly bemoan the loss of civil discourse when a few protestors interrupt their expensive restaurant meals because Republicans are threatening to cut off their health care options and install a sexual predator to a lifetime Supreme Court seat, their own fascist supporters are mailing deadly explosive devices to their perceived enemies and pretending that this is how the American political system is supposed to work.

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