A Salon reporter just gave a stunning first-hand account regarding today’s bombings


Now that likely Trump-inspired right-wing terrorists have upped their game to target Democratic politicians, benefactors of progressive causes, and any media organization that doesn’t simply parrot the president’s exhaustive litany of lies, Salon reporter Jared Yates Sexton has taken to Twitter to call out President Trump and the attendees of his fascist-style rallies as the root of the problem and demand that the media stop making excuses for their treasonous, undemocratic, violent rhetoric and behavior.

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Sexton rightly blames the unholy deal with the devil that Republicans made when they welcomed into their party with open arms Trump’s deplorable coalition of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, deluded conspiracy theorists, and right-wing extremists.

Today’s massive number of attempted bombings is the direct result of President Trump’s constant fanning of the flames of hatred and violence amongst a group of gullible supporters seeking an accessible target to blame for their lives made miserable by the policies that the Republican party has advocated for decades — policies that resulted in the elimination of well-paying American jobs in favor of cheap overseas labor and the transfer of billions of dollars worth of wealth from the middle class to the oligarchy.

As Sexton points out this is getting all too real, moving from empty threats and implied violence to actual physical danger. Trump will, of course, deny any responsibility for the wave of pipe bombs suddenly appearing on Democrats’ doorsteps, but it’s obvious that his divisive rhetoric and his demonization of political opponents and hyped-up bogeymen as angry mobs coming to threaten the American way of life is the ultimate cause of the murderous actions currently being threatened.


If these terrorist assassination attempts don’t inspire you to vote and fight to change the party that controls a government led by a fear-mongering, violence inciting amoral moron, nothing ever will. Fight back against right-wing domestic terrorism with the best weapon you have, your vote.

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