Trump just stunned reporters with disturbing, surreal admission about his caravan claims


Yesterday, Trump took to Twitter and unleashed a wave of racist, xenophobic falsehoods about the migrant caravan currently making its way north through Central America towards the U.S. border. The crowd of thousands of traveling migrants has quickly become the new favorite talking point of the Republican Party, as it allows them to fearmonger votes ahead of next month’s midterm election.

Conservatives are even going so far as to characterize the group of desperate men, women, and children as an “invading army,” demonstrating once again how quickly right-wing pundits are to dehumanize people of color.

As if the blatant anti-Hispanic bigotry weren’t enough, Trump also made the absurd, unfounded claim that there are “unknown Middle Easterns” mixed in with the caravan.

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Based on zero evidence, he wants his voters to conjure up images of a secret ISIS army on the move, headed to kill them, with only Trump standing between the terrorists and polite American society.

Today, President Trump was confronted about his utterly false, Islamophobic conspiracy theory. He gave one of his trademark rambling, dissembling responses, talking about the Border Patrol and how they’ve intercepted “good” as well as “bad” people.


The weird, nonsensical rant culminated in a reporter pointing out that there is no proof that Middle Eastern people have infiltrated the caravan. Trump responded with a jaw-dropping admission.

“There’s no proof of anything,” Trump said. “There’s no proof of anything,” he then repeated. “But there very well could be,” he added, tacitly admitting that all of his rhetoric is pure, baseless speculation.

It was a weird moment, and it drives home the fact that Trump doesn’t care about the truth, and doesn’t care if he is caught blatantly lying. He knows his supporters will back him no matter what.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.