Trump just launched an unhinged, ignorant attack against the people of California


President Lyndon Johnson famously launched a “War on Poverty” during his administration in an attempt to improve the federal government’s contributions to health and education and advance the overall wealth of the nation.

Disgraced President Richard Nixon chose a different, though equally significant, target with his “War on Drugs,” although his motivations were more racist than social in intent, and the results failed to put much of a dent in trafficking while leading to the devastation of countless communities in both the United States and South America.

President Trump picked a radically different — and bizarrely out of left field — subject to declare a war upon at his address in front of the White House State Leadership Day Conference today: brown California lawns.

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Daniel Dale, the Washington correspondent for The Toronto Star, live-tweeted Trump’s speech as he pontificated on an issue that he is as uninformed about as nearly everything else he discusses, water management and conservation practices in the Golden State.

Trump apparently believes that California Democrats control the forces of gravity that cause water to seek out sea level, given his claim that “They send it out into the Pacific Ocean,” but what can you expect from someone who has no knowledge of smelt.


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It’s good to see President Trump so caught up with concern over the state of California lawns. While many other pressing issues face the nation and require serious solutions, Trump has finally chosen an issue for which he already knows the perfect solution: water the lawns. That he knows absolutely nothing about water management, the snow pack levels in the Sierras, or the amount of water necessary to maintain fish stocks matters little to him.

If Trump believes California has plenty of water, who needs to listen to the consensus of scientists, conservationists, and state experts when you have disgraceful lawns to contend with?

There is a potential silver lining in the president’s latest bizarre obsession. Perhaps if we can get him to focus exclusively on this nagging problem, he’ll lack time to screw up everything else that he turns his attention to. One can only hope.


You can watch the entirety of President Trump’s remarks at the White House State Leadership Day Conference beginning at 53:30 in the video below.


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Original reporting by Daniel Dale at The Toronto Star.

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