Nevada’s Republican Governor candidate was just humiliated by his own family in brutal Op-Ed

The Republican Party has fallen so low that now GOP candidates are struggling to even get support from their own families. The Hill reports that twelve relatives of Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt in Nevada have teamed up to pen an Op-Ed in which they trash him and strongly oppose his election.  Laxalt is currently the state’s Attorney General.

The piece, published in the Reno Gazette Journal, was written by Laxalt’s own aunt and cousins, who point out that he was raised on the East Coast not in Nevada like them and while they don’t know him as well as they might, they know he’s the wrong choice for their state.

They fault him for falsely claiming that he grew up in Nevada when he has only lived in the state since 2013. As such, they fear he’s much more beholden to his “out-of-state donors” than the people of Nevada.

“The decision to write this column has not been an easy one for us. We are writing as members of the Laxalt family who have spent our lives in Nevada, and feel compelled to protect our family name from being leveraged and exploited by Adam Laxalt, the Republican candidate for governor,” the Op-Ed reads.

The relatives go on to hit Laxalt for using  “phoniness” and the “pretense of folksiness” to drum up support. In one particularly brutal passage, they eviscerate him for playing dress-up as a Nevadan.

“In a promotional video from the event, Adam is dressed in a ‘western’ shirt monogramed with his campaign logo, ‘work’ boots and jeans that look like they were ordered off Amazon the week before. An orange tractor is placed prominently behind the stage, which is decorated with hay bales. All this careful arrangement is meant to project an image of authenticity, of a deep family tie to Nevada and its history. But it’s all fake, all props paid for by someone else,” it reads.

They go on to break down all the substantive ways in which Laxalt would hurt Nevada, a state he doesn’t really understand. Specifically, they mention the environment, reproductive rights, healthcare, education funding, and gay rights.

The Op-Ed is incredibly convincing and after reading how his own family feels about him, it’s hard to imagine anyone coming to the conclusion that Laxalt is the right choice for governor.

Read the full thing here.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.