Eric Trump just threw a tantrum because Democrats are going to nail his father after winning the midterms


Eric Trump just demonstrated that he as ignorant about the American system of government as his father is. Apparently, the second son of President Trump slept through his civics class, particularly the sections about the separation of powers between branches of government, how the judicial process works, and the checks and balances in the federal system. That’s really the only reasonable explanation, outside of general stupidity and mendacity, for this tweet that he sent out today.

The overshadowed presidential son also managed to display his ignorance about the legal systems of third world countries by describing the legal use of subpoenas to compel court testimony — a standard feature of the English common law that forms the basis of the legal systems of not just the U.S., but all of Britain’s former colonies — as if it was a horrifying weapon of mass destruction.

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Of course, for parties guilty of massive unforgivable crimes, such as treason, for instance, a subpoena can be a weapon of personal destruction, which is most likely why Eric Trump regards them with such fear.

Eric Trump’s tweet also shows that his ignorance is only matched by his hypocrisy, as Republicans have been consistently using the subpoena power that they currently possess by virtue of controlling the majorities in both houses of Congress to not only harass Democrats through endless and fruitless hearings on Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s email server, but to prevent the full investigation of the allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by refusing to issue subpoenas to crucial witnesses who could have confirmed those allegations.

Only a moron or a supporter of a would-be autocrat would describe our constitutional system of checks and balances as a “disgusting concept and a slippery slope.” What Eric Trump is actually railing against in his tweet is the prospective full investigation of his father’s misdeeds, using the legal means made available to Congress through the Constitution, that document that his father ignores, disrespects, and violates on a daily basis.


It’s the behavior of a rogue president that truly constitutes a “very scary day in America” and only your vote for a Democratic majority can make it any less horrifying.

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