A reporter just forced Trump to admit his midterm middle class tax cut vow is a sham


He’s not even trying to pretend anymore. President Trump lies with impunity and now he doesn’t even flinch when he’s forced to face reality for a change and admit that his previous statement was not true.

Surrounded by the White House press corps before his departure on the Marine One helicopter to leave for a rally in Houston to deliver a massive load of fine-tuned falsehoods to a crowd of Ted Cruz supporters, Trump was forced to roll back one of the most blatant and provable lies he’s made lately as he jets around the country at massive taxpayer expense to try to hold off a Democratic tsunami in the upcoming midterm elections.

Finally realizing that the American people have seen through the charade that the massive tax cuts that the Republican-led Congress passed last year have provided anything more than a minimal benefit for anyone who wasn’t already a multi-millionaire, Trump has been saying — with a straight face, no less — that he was going to have Congress pass a tax cut just for the middle class before election day.

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Outside of the fact that the last tax cut went to billionaires and corporations and never delivered the promised trickle-down increases in salaries and jobs that all the Republicans promised would magically appear once it was enacted, anyone can google the fact that not only is Congress currently in recess, there are no plans to reconvene until after election day for the traditional lame duck session. Thus it is simply impossible to have any sort of bill passed, much less the kind of tax cut that generally takes months of drafting and negotiating to get a version that has the slightest chance of passing both houses of Congress.

Here’s what the president had to say when pressed by reporters on the tarmac about the apparent contradiction between what everyone but Trump accepts as objective reality and what he has been trying to sucker people into believing:


Expect to see this transcript shortly in the dictionary as the example listed under the definition of “empty promises.” It would also be able to fulfill the same function for the phrase “utter bullshit.” Shady used car salesmen make more believable promises.

Hopefully, voters in the upcoming midterms will see Trump’s pathetic dissembling as the desperation play that it is, knowing by now that he has no shame in saying whatever he thinks enough gullible adulators will swallow in order to win by any means necessary, even when what he has to say is less believable than the idea that he was about to travel to his next rally on the back of a rainbow hued-unicorn.

Reject Trump’s and his Republican cronies’ lies. Vote for Democrats across the board and run these clowns out of the circus they’ve created.

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Original transcript of Trump press interview by Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star.

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