A prominent Republican just called out Trump fans over their massive hypocrisy regarding political violence


President Trump is the master of fear-mongering. It’s the primary tool he uses to rile up his base, feeding them tales of approaching hordes of MS-13 gang members funded by “globalists,” unironically ranting about the threat of Democratic mobs to an angry crowd chanting “lock her up” repeatedly and threatening journalists. It’s a tactic he employed successfully in his 2016 election bid, and one he hopes will motivate Republican voters to turn out for the midterm elections.

Trump’s obvious attempts to paint the nation in terms of “us and them,” with different sets of rules for each group, was obvious in his appearance at a rally in Missoula, Montana last night.

Somehow the cognitive dissonance between Trump’s rants about mobs of violent Antifa threatening peaceful Republican families and his praise of Representative Greg Gianforte (R-MT), the congressman who was elected by Montanans despite having assaulted a journalist in the days before the election, escaped the crowd at the rally.

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The disparity between the two views on the acceptability of violence in expressing political views did not escape former congressman and right-wing radio host Joe Walsh, however.

Walsh, who has not completely swallowed the Trump kool-aid, sees the long-term damage that Trump’s rhetorical excesses are creating and tweeted a warning to the Republican party about the consequences of the president’s combination of promoting fear and approving of violent reactions.


Walsh sent a second tweet pointing out the hypocrisy of Trump’s supporters as well.

Walsh’s pointing out Trump’s double-dealing did not play so well with the conservative base that he usually caters to, who replied to his tweet with ignorant responses like this one:

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Such fact-free accusations, particularly sad coming just days after a mob of neo-Nazi Proud Boys rioted and beat up protestors after a rally celebrating the anniversary of the murder of a Japanese socialist, show how effective Trump’s continued spewing of fabricated self-serving lies, amplified by his de-facto state broadcaster Fox News, can be among the uneducated voters that he so dearly loves because they swallow his B.S. whole.

Kudos to Joe Walsh for at least having the insight to see the obvious moral dilemma in applying different politically-based standards to the use of violence and calling the president out on his logical inconsistencies. The right, unfortunately, needs someone like Walsh to tell them the things that everyone else can plainly see.


While Walsh may be wrong in most of the positions he advocates, for once he’s hit the nail right on the head. Let’s hope he can convince enough of the people who haven’t completely transformed into Trumpian zombies to look at the absurdity of their support for the vile, petulant, and manipulative president and change their political stance.

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