Trump just promoted a disgusting racist and anti-Semitic midterm election conspiracy theory at rally


President Trump went to Montana today, seeking adulation at his latest lie-athon rally in front of a crowd of gullible Republicans with nothing better to do on a Thursday night.

In addition to his usual litany of fabrications, Trump added a fresh new conspiracy theory to his list of fear-inducing motivations to the Republican electorate, relaying the ridiculous accusations made yesterday by Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), the representative who perhaps best exemplifies the fabled “Florida man” who appears in nearly every story of Herculean stupidity originating in the state.

Rep. Gaetz started this latest paranoid immigration fantasy with a tweet purporting to contain footage showing unidentified people handing money to women and children in an effort to convince them to join a caravan that would storm the US border at election time, presumably, in Gaetz’s twisted mind, in order to overcome poll workers and vote illegally for Beto O’Rourke or other Democratic candidates in border states. The congressman goes on to speculate on the source of the money being handed out, adding a bit of anti-globalist/anti-Semitic conspiracy-mongering to his potent panic-inducing brew by asking whether wealthy progressive financier George Soros or some American-backed NGO’s were involved.

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In a case of tweet your insane conspiracy theories first, check facts later, Rep. Gaetz failed to inquire about this more plausible explanation provided by journalists, those figures reviled by the Trump administration who are actually quite good at ascertaining the facts behind stories.  One such journalist tweeted this account of the footage forwarded by the congressman that doesn’t require a diagnosis of acute paranoia to believe.


Never one to rely on facts or truth when addressing a crowd — or ever, actually — Trump repeated Gaetz’s lies verbatim at his rally to incentivize the assembled rabble to cast their votes based on the unjustified and irrational fear of hordes of illegally voting, socialist Jew-funded violent gangster Central American women and children coming to Montana to steal their MAGA hats and destroy the American way of life, hoping that they forget that Trump has already destroyed the modern American way of life in so many ways since he took office.

Daniel Dale, the Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, live-tweeted Trump’s Montana rally showing exactly how he stoked the crowd with his deceitful fables of an encroaching dangerous hoard.

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Thanks to Daniel Dale for summarizing Trump’s rally rantings so we won’t have to actually listen to his lies with our own ears. Trump’s despicably cynical propaganda isn’t fit for human consumption, It’s amazing that anyone can stand to listen to, much less believe, a word he says.


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Original reporting by Dick Dale at The Toronto Star.

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