Trump just issued ominous, unpresidential threat to the state of California


President Trump crossed a new line in his partisan hackery yesterday when he said on camera that he’s considering withholding the federal funding from California that the state needs to fight the persistent wildfires that have been plaguing it.

The lifelong conman attempted to paint the problem as something created by Californias Democratic leadership, conveniently ignoring the part that worsening climate change — facilitated and ignored by his own Republica Party — plays in the ongoing devastation.

It’s, of course, no coincidence that the infamously vindictive Trump would choose to target California, a liberal bastion that cast over 4 million more votes for Hillary Clinton than him. He wants to bully Californians for daring to vote against him.

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“California’s a mess,” Trump said. “We’re giving billions and billions of dollars for forest fires in California. They are leaving them dirty. Old trees are sitting there, rotting and drying. And instead of cleaning it up, they don’t touch them, they leave them. And we end up with these massive fires that we’re paying hundreds of billions of dollars for to fix, and the destruction is incredible.”

While it’s certainly true that California’s wildfire problem is worsening, it’s a complete mischaracterization to say that it’s due to incompetence or lack of effort. State officials are working desperately to fix the problem, but so far it shows no signs of lessening. If anything, the president should be floating the idea of more funding, not less.

“I think California ought to get their act together and clean up their forests and manage their forests. It’s costing our country hundreds of billions of dollars because of incompetence in California. It’s hurting our budget, it’s hurting our country. And they just better get their act together,” Trump added.

This last bit is particularly laughable, or it would be if the issue wasn’t so deadly serious. Trump conveniently only cares about the budget it when it comes to paying for things he doesn’t approve of.

This is the same man who signed off on a budget that has skyrocketed by 17% to $779 billion just so that he could give out a massive tax cut to the super wealthy. He’s an incredibly fiscally irresponsible leader, and it’s shameful that he would suggest cutting crucial, lifesaving funding to insulate his top 1% cronies from having to give back some of their ill-gotten gains.


Check out the video below.

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Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.