The Trump Organization just sued the man who was killed in April’s Trump Tower fire

This past April, a 67-year-old resident of Trump Tower died when a fire broke out in his apartment on the 50th floor of the gaudy monstrosity. Despite the incident claiming the innocent life of Todd Brassner, President Trump’s tweet offered no condolences, not even so much as a hollow “thoughts and prayers.” Instead, he used the opportunity to brag about how “well built” his tower is, obscenely transforming a tragedy into a tawdry advertisement.

Now, Trump is pushing his callousness to a new low. NBC reports that the Trump Organization, which is currently run by the president’s troglodytic offspring, has officially filed a lawsuit against the deceased fire victim in the interest of claiming $90,000 in “unpaid fees.” NBC adds that the victim’s heirs, Todd Brassner and Heather Brassner, did not respond to requests for comments on the case.

The absurd move on the part of the Trump Organization is made exponentially worse by the fact that the floor on which Brassner died lacked sprinklers. Trump himself fought the city of New York to oppose a bill requiring their installation. The accidental fire was compounded by the fact that the apartment didn’t have a smoke alarm.

This sad saga represents just another example of the Trump family eschewing all modicum of compassion and common decency in pursuit of their unquenchable thirst for more money. It’s not bad enough that they played a direct hand in Brassner’s death, now they want to loot the deceased man’s pockets at the expense of his family.

Trump and his children are unrepentant monsters and their continued reign is a national disgrace that will not soon wash out.