A Scott Walker ex-appointee just resigned his job and destroyed him with a brutal open letter


Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) took another humiliating public blow today, as the fourth secretary to have formerly worked for him resigned from his current job and released a scathing statement criticizing Walker.

Paul Jadin— who previously served in Walker’s cabinet as Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce — has left his position as the chief of the Madison Region Economic Partnership. He leaves behind a $208,000 salary and said his decision was predicated on a desire to avoid pulling the agency into his political activity as he moves forward with his decision to openly criticize Walker.

Jadin penned an open letter, released by the Wisconsin State Journal, which was given added weight by the co-signatures of former Corrections Secretary Ed Wall and former Financial Institutions Secretary Peter Bildsten. Included in it is a rousing endorsement of Democrat Tony Evers, who is running to unseat Governor Walker.

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In the letter, the men state that they originally chose to come work for Walker in the hopes of serving the people of Wisconsin and with the mistaken belief that Walker wished to do the same. The men eventually came to realize that Walker was far more interested in building a national political profile for himself than honoring his commitments to his constituents.

“We were proud to lead the way on some of his [Walker’s] bold initiatives in our state agencies. That pride evaporated at various times for each of as we found ourselves disagreeing with both policy and practices within the administration that lacked integrity. It became clear that his focus was not on meeting his obligations to the public but to advancing his own political career at a tremendous cost to taxpayers and families,” the letter reads.

The men voice their concerns about the upcoming election and explore what they see as a moral imperative to speak out against Walker, his lack of character, and his destructive agenda. Specifically, they zero in on Wisconsin’s crumbling infrastructure and Walker’s failed promises to address the worsening problem. They point out that, factoring in inflation, highway construction expenditures are at a two-decade low.

The letter goes on to slam Walker for cutting education funding, his lack of transparency, and his general dereliction of duty. They accuse him of engaging in unspecified coverups, manipulation, and mischief. It concludes with the men saying that although they’re Republicans and have always supported their party, they feel obligated to vote for Democrat Tony Evers this November. They should be commended for their honesty and their willingness to put their state before their party.


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Original reporting by Matthew DeFour at the Wisconsin State Journal.

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Natalie Dickinson

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