Trump was just confronted about Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test and his response is hilarious


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has long claimed to have Native American ancestry, released the results of a DNA test today which indicate “strong support” that she had such an ancestor six to ten generations ago.

The information is being used to push back against a right-wing avenue of attack that has been launched against Warren again and again, mocking her for claiming Native ancestry.

Donald Trump has repeatedly referred to her offensively as “Pocahontas.” It’s his most prominent talking point when it comes to criticizing her, and he even previously offered to give $1 million to a charity of her choosing if she would take a test to prove her Native American DNA.

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The idea of Trump, a racist xenophobe who dabbles in white nationalist rhetoric, suggesting that anyone take a blood test is disturbing, but Warren chose to call his bluff and now it’s paid off by once again revealing the president for the mendacious buffoon he really is.

When asked about the DNA taste and previous charity promise Trump blatantly lied and claimed he never made the $1 million offer in the first place. “I didn’t say that. You’d better read it again,” Trump claimed today when reporters asked him about his promise. 


It’s, of course, nothing new for Trump to lie when confronted with an inconvenient fact, but in this case, it’s downright humorous. This man really thinks his followers are gullible enough to believe him even though there is video evidence of him making the original offer.

In the clip, which has resurfaced in light of Trump’s lie, the president can also be seen taking a disgusting jab at the #MeToo movement, making the absurd conflation that sexual assault survivors coming forward with their stories is somehow related to having to “gently” administer a DNA test, as if both cases are an opportunity for overly sensitive people to dishonestly claim victimhood.

More germane, Trump clearly said, “I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian.” The video, dated 7/5/2018 according to The Hill. is as strong evidence as one could hope for.

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Now it’s time for the president to put his money where his big flapping mouth is. He owes a charity $1 million. Time to pay up.

Join millions calling for AG Barr to resign after he defied his constitutional obligations to protect Trump!

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.