Trump just made an inappropriate joke about Elizabeth Warren’s DNA alongside Melania


Ask Donald Trump a question and his first answer will automatically be a lie. Ask him again a few hours later, after he’s been fact-checked and ridiculed publically over his proven falsehood, and you’ll get a different answer. Not an admission of a mistake or an apology for the lie, mind you, but just a blitheful pretense that his previous statement never took place.

That’s exactly what happened today after Senator Elizabeth Warren announced that a DNA test had confirmed her partial Native American ancestry and pressured the President to pay up on his promise to donate a million dollars to her favorite charity if she could prove her claims.

Trump’s initial reaction upon hearing the news was to deny that he ever made that promise and offer the comment “Who cares?”

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However, after being bombarded by news clips from a Montana rally last July proving that he did actually say it, he changed his story without acknowledging his earlier denial.


Trump’s latest reply to Senator Warren’s demand that he pay up on his bet no longer denies that he made the original statement, in a rare concession to recorded reality. Instead, he now is adding fine print to his original promise, claiming that it would only apply if she gets the Democratic nomination in the next presidential race and if she debates him. Even worse, he now says that he’ll only pay up if he personally conducts the test himself, adding that it is not a task that he’d enjoy doing.

Trump’s sudden reversal of his earlier denial of the bet counts as a major concession in the bizarre world of the president. Apparently, he’s suddenly gained expertise in DNA sequencing and analysis, given his intent to test the senator himself.

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That he had no intention of ever following through on the payment, however, has been obvious from the beginning — as obvious as the falsehood of his continued “birther” claims that former President Obama was not a U.S. citizen, despite Obama having provided a copy of his birth certificate to prove Trump’s lie.

One has to understand that Trump simply spouts anything that he thinks he can get away with saying, regardless of the truth. Any promise he makes is a promise destined to be broken or distorted beyond recognition.

Senator Warren’s charity will never see a dime of Trump’s own money, and since his charitable organization is under investigation for being used as a personal piggy bank for the Trump family, the money won’t be coming from there either. In the highly unlikely event that Trump does ever decide to honor his obligation, you can be sure it will only be when he figures out how to use someone else’s money to do so, perhaps scamming his gullible base into paying it for him. Otherwise, just chalk up Trump’s promised donation as another one of the monstrous pile of lies that he utters every time he opens his mouth.


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