Fox News was just busted trying to frame liberals for a riot in humiliating fashion


As if you need yet another example of how Fox News distorts the truth in its “news” coverage, the network outdid itself in its reporting on the story of what happened at the Manhattan headquarters of the New York Republican Party on Thursday night.

Fox News mirrored the coverage from other extremist right-wing propaganda outlets like The Daily Caller in painting the incident as an attack by Antifa activists who broke windows and spraypainted anarchist slogans on the walls of the building. The network went so far as to post this video and its accompanying headline on Twitter, attributing the vandalism as well as the public brandishing of a sword to the leftist anti-fascist protestors.

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In actuality, the Fox News story completely mischaracterizes the events that took place, the instigators of the violence, and the context in which the incident occurred as numerous people pointed out in the comments on the Twitter post.

The reality of the story is that a group of anti-racism protestors was outside the Metropolitan Republican Club on East 83rd. St. in Manhattan while a group of neo-Nazi members of The Proud Boys led by founder Gavin McInnes was inside the building holding a celebration and re-enactment of the murder of a Japanese Socialist named Inejiro Asanuma because apparently celebrating the murder of socialists is something that fascists see as appropriate nighttime fun.

When the violent white supremacists left the building, a fight broke out between the Proud Boys and some of the assembled anti-Nazi protestors, as described in this Instagram post in reply to the Fox News tweet:


As Fox News failed to report in its story, it was McInnes who was waving the sword around in their footage, not any of the protestors, whom Fox falsely portrayed as the armed instigators of the violence.

Another Twitter reply to Fox News‘ post linked to the Gothamist account of the incident as the true story of what happened in the attack.

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As the virtual state-sanctioned media outlet for the Trump administration, it’s not surprising to see Fox News employ the same tactics that the president uses of accusing opponents of the very thing that they themselves are most guilty of. Remember that the next time you hear anyone on the network or in the administration use the term “fake news.” It’s the only thing they deliver over their airwaves as they accuse the left of distorting the truth as they manage to completely eliminate it in nearly everything they broadcast.

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