The Republican challenger to a democratic governor just threatened him with brutal physical violence


With the most foul-mouthed, derisive, and divisive president in history holding office under the banner of their party, recent Republican calls for civility in politics are laughably hypocritical, and stem primarily from their annoyance at being interrupted by righteously angry citizens as they dine on lavish dinners in fine restaurants after a hard day working at trying to cut people’s social services, health care, and human rights and confirming perjuring predators to the Supreme Court.

Scott Wagner, the Republican gubernatorial nominee in Pennsylvania, provides the perfect example of how the public accusations against Democrats as the promoters of violence and mob rule are truly simply a mirrored projection of the GOP’s own habitual behavior. Wagner, who is running a campaign against incumbent Governor Tom Wolf, threatened his opponent with a particularly detailed description of the violence he would wreak upon him in a Facebook Live video posting.

“Gov. Wolf, let me tell you, between now and Nov. 6, you better put a catcher’s mask on your face because I’m going to stomp all over your face with golf spikes because I’m going to win this for the state of Pennsylvania,” Wagner threatens, “and we’re throwing you out of office because you know what, I’m sick and tired of your negative ads.”

This is the model of civility that Republicans are touting? It seems that their latest calls for political comity are a single-sided rule that only apply to behavior aimed towards Republicans, not by them. But with the most despicable president ever elected running their party, you already knew that. Still the audacious level of hypocrisy never ceases to be truly amazing, and it boggles the mind that their pathetic bloviations are still reported by the media on a daily basis as if they have any level of credibility whatsoever.

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That anyone still takes any single pronouncement issued by a Republican politician seriously at this point only proves the success of their strategy to keep the populace stupid and divided by defunding public education, helping ensure that they can fool enough people to retain power. It’s time to end their majority in Congress and their domination of state governments immediately. Vote Blue in the midterms or expect Trump’s reign of incivility to become the new normal.

You can watch Scott Wagner’s threatening rant in the video below.


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Original reporting by Travis Gettys at RawStory.

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