Hillary Clinton just broke the internet with brilliant response to Trump’s latest collusion accusations


Hillary Clinton has finally had enough of Donald Trump’s latest delusional lies about her during his recent spate of Nuremberg-like political rallies. After Trump pulled his usual tactic of accusing his opposition of the very things that he is guilty of at his rally in Erie, Pennsylvania last night, Clinton responded with the perfect level of incredulity at the sheer audacity of Trump’s underestimation of public intelligence.

Trump tried to take the heat off of himself over the proven collusion between his campaign and Russia — with 35 people now having been indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller — by employing the tactics of a five-year-old, essentially crying loudly that it wasn’t me, it was them.

“There was collusion between Hillary, the Democrats and Russia,” Trump told the crowd at the rally, just after his supporters had chanted “lock her up” about Clinton. “There was a lot of collusion with them and Russia and lots of other people.”

As obviously fabricated as the claim was, Clinton felt obligated to point out to Trump and the rest of the world how ludicrous his act of projection truly was.

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Hillary Clinton’s tweet assumes that she is addressing an audience of rational people who actually are concerned with facts and reality. Trump, on the other hand, has trained his angry, jeering base of supporters to ignore anything that is reality-based in favor of his force-fed diet of Fox News falsehoods and manipulative lies.

Unfortunately, Clinton’s pointing out the obvious will have no effect on the 35% of the population who have taken the Trump Kool-Aid and swallow his B.S. whole. Hopefully, those of us in the majority, who have long known that anything emanating from Trump’s mouth is the opposite of what is really true, will make the oblivious Trump supporters irrelevant by electing a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress the upcoming midterms. And then lock him up!


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