Florida’s Republican Governor’s candidate was just busted for writing an incredibly racist book


There wasn’t a lot of attention paid to Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis’ views on race before he went up against an African-American Democratic candidate, Andrew Gillum, in Florida. Since he began his campaign, however, his racist dog whistles to the Republican base in the state have been a defining feature of his marketing.

Remember his comments warning about the danger of Gillum “monkeying” things up? And the group of neo-Nazi Proud Boys who showed up at his Sarasota campaign rally?

Now, American Ledger has discovered that DeSantis’ racism has deep roots. They uncovered a little-known book penned by the would-be governor back in 2011 when he was a wanna-be congressional candidate that contains not only a racially motivated attack on then-President Obama but goes on to excuse the founding fathers for enshrining slavery in the Constitution.

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Titled Dreams from Our Founding Fathers: First Principles in the Age of Obama, the book refers to the constitutional compromises that allowed slavery as the crucial steps that allowed the nation to form initially, and uses an unusually twisted bit of logic to claim that those compromises were essentially “anti-slavery” because they were eventually overturned. Of course, DeSantis’ thought process conveniently ignores the 75 years of the enslavement of the vast majority of African-Americans and the civil war that was fought over the morality of slavery in this wrong-headed equation.

By claiming that the constitution would not have been ratified without the compromises that counted slaves as three-fifths of a human for census purposes that determined the number of congressional representatives each state would have, DeSantis engages in a revisionist interpretation of history that justifies slavery as a necessary social construct, rather than a horrendously evil  historical aberration that all modern humans should condemn.

Given that view, it’s no surprise that the rest of DeSantis’ book is filled with lies and false innuendo about Obama. That his hatred of Obama was racist at its foundation was evident by his attempt to claim that “Obama’s father, despite his absence, influenced his son to adopt his “redistributive” and “anti-colonial” goals.”


With Ron DeSantis stuck in a worldview firmly rooted in the racist past, Floridians would be better served by a candidate who actually looks towards the future. Hopefully, they’ll elect Andrew Gillum, rather than this Trump-supporting malignancy to be their next governor.

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Original reporting by Chad Smith at American Ledger.

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