A “lifelong Republican” just blindsided his own party with an unprecedented midterm election demand


“NeverTrump” neocon and unashamed Iraq War apologist Max Boot joined his fellow conservative “Morning” Joe Scarborough to discuss the fallout of the weekend’s events and President Trump’s increasing authoritarianism — and he didn’t beat around the bush with his solution for a modern-day Republican Party consumed wholly by Trumpism: burn it to the ground.

“I think, essentially, the Republican Party, as currently constituted, needs to be razed to the ground, it needs to be destroyed — and maybe, maybe, maybe out of the ashes we can build up a more reasonable center-right party which is something this country needs.”

Boot was on the show to promote his new book, “The Corrosion of Conservatism: Why I Left the Right,” and highlighted how the Trumpian embrace of full-on white nationalism and xenophobia as one of the primary reasons he, an immigrant, was alienated from the party in the first place:

“I came here at age 6, I learned to speak English — I think I speak it reasonably well. I try to fit in, blend in — I thought I achieved that. I thought of myself as an ordinary American, not as a hyphenated American. Donald Trump is making me to think in those terms, he’s making me think there’s something less American than me. I wasn’t born here, I’m Jewish. I’m not the kind of American that Donald Trump celebrates. It’s a tragedy for me and heartbreaking for me.”

He ends his spiel with a surprising appeal to MSNBC’s viewers — a call for the whole nation to vote straight-ticket Democrat in November:

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“They will double down on white nationalism and racism, xenophobia, undermining the rule of law. They will be solidified as a core part of the Republican identity. That’s why I think it is essential that Republicans pay a price at the ballot box for what they are doing, and that’s why I’m urging, as somebody who is a lifelong Republican never voted for a Democrat before I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, having said all that I’m urging everybody to vote straight-ticket Democratic in November, because I think it’s imperative to get some checks and balances.”

While that’s all very well and good, we should be very, very wary of allowing right-wing warmongers like Max Boot to join our coalition simply because they are turned off by Trump’s embrace of the “bad” kinds of racism as opposed to the “acceptable” kinds of racism like excusing the massacre of Palestinians and calling for the United States to openly participate in Saudi genocide of Yemen.

He supported all the terrible things that the Bush administration did and his propaganda helped sell wars that have killed millions of people, and just because the extremism of the Republican Party is out in the open now doesn’t mean it wasn’t bubbling under the surface, obvious to every observer over the past three decades.

While he is right in that the Republican Party absolutely should be burned to the ground and while we appreciate the call to vote Democrat, we cannot allow men like him to shape our policies once we have retaken the reins of Congress from the party he abandoned.


Watch his remarks here:

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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.