November 28, 2022

White House just confirmed our worst fears about FBI Kavanaugh report

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They didn’t even try to make it look like an impartial, unbiased detailed investigation.


In the end, The White House just came out and admitted that the supplemental FBI inquiry into the background of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh only investigated what Republican Senators wanted it to.

Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah announced to CNN that the investigation was complete and that it consisted of only nine comprehensive interviews and did not look into whether Kavanaugh perjured himself in his declarations denying ever getting black-out drunk and suffering memory lapses. 

With NBC News reporting that there are more than 40 people who had contacted the FBI to volunteer information about the nominee who were never interviewed by the bureau, the nature of this faulty, incomplete investigation is perfectly clear, a sham to be used as a fig leaf to cover for Republican Senators voting for an accused drunken sexual predator with anger management issues and penchant for perjury.

Despite President Trump’s outright lie when he said that the FBI would have “free reign” in their probe, Shah told CNN that the White House had actually instructed the FBI to investigate what the Senate was “interested in,” later making clear that by the Senate he meant the Republican leadership of the Senate. 

Shah was questioned as to why the FBI wasn’t allowed to look into whether Kavanaugh’s excessive drinking led to blackouts and memory losses as some former Yale classmates have alleged and gave the stunningly and candidly partisan reply that no Senator who matters wanted to know about that.

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All the folks that are demanding this type of investigation in the Senate are Democrats who have already pledged to vote no. They don’t want additional information to make a decision. They want to delay this process,” Shah told CNN.

A lot of people are coming forward about claims about his high school and college drinking which the Senate hasn’t asked us about, but also more importantly, he has already admitted in his testimony that he drank in high school, drank in college, sometimes drank too much, drank underage. He said he likes beer. I don’t really know what folks who are demanding an open-ended fishing expedition into those areas want other than delay, delay, delay.”

Whether the three key Republican Senators who can prevent the confirmation of Kavanaugh with a no vote — Senators Jeff Flake (R-AZ),  Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Susan Collins (R-ME) — will be satisfied with this blatantly partisan and ridiculously under-investigated report delivered by the FBI remains to be seen, as does whether the reputation of the FBI as an impartial agency capable of conducting impartial background checks can survive this debacle.

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Senators are reviewing the FBI report today, so you can expect last salvos of the propaganda war over the confirmation to be launched throughout the day today before the final Senate vote is taken. You can predictably expect Republicans to declare that the report exonerates Kavanaugh and the Democrats to point out the obvious inadequacy of the FBI’s White House-hampered investigation. Then the Republicans will call the Democrats partisan hacks and vote an angry, partisan, lying, accused sexual predator to a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court…unless enough of us can call the three senators on the fence and convince them that this investigation was a travesty that means they have to vote no. 

(202) 224-3121 is the phone number for the Senate switchboard. Call now.

You can watch a clip of Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah on CNN in the clip below.

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Original reporting by Josh Israel on ThinkProgress

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