A top Democratic Senator just got thrown out of his FBI Kavanaugh report viewing


The last Democrat to remain undecided about whether to reject President Trump’s embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett “Bart” Kavanaugh was just kicked out of the room where he was reading the FBI’s whitewash supplemental background investigation in preparation for his decision.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) told reporters that he was ejected from the secure reading room where Senators from both parties get to take one-hour turns looking at the 1,000-plus page document after being told that it was the Republicans’ turn to access the report.

Realistically, even the best speed reader would have difficulty getting through a document of that size in the course of an hour, but that is exactly the point of the Republican enforced rules surrounding the availability of the hastily assembled FBI report — a report that was compiled under the strict gaze of a White House that was determined to prevent anything being discovered that could upset their carefully orchestrated march to force the perjuring drunken frat boy onto the nation’s highest court, presumably to save Trump and his Republican henchmen from future indictment and prosecution.

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McClatchy reporter Emma Dumain tweeted that Senator Manchin still has not revealed his decision and would go back to the reading room tomorrow to finish pouring through the report before deciding.

Senator Manchin, representing a state that gave Trump a 42.2% margin of victory in the presidential election, has been considered one of the more vulnerable Democrats in the upcoming midterms and often votes with Republicans on crucial issues to placate his constituents.


However, recent polls have him 12 points ahead of his Republican rival in the November race, and it appears as if he can well afford to alienate a few Trump voters with a vote against Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

If you agree, make sure to call his Senate office to give your input.

The number is 202-224-3954. Call now before it’s too late.

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