Trump just sent a childish, toddler-like letter to every member of Congress

Donald Trump is so proud of finally having replaced the NAFTA trade agreement—a deal he’s often referred to as the worst deal ever (a description also shared with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Paris Climate accord, and the Iran nuclear deal)—with a deal that’s virtually identical to the original pact. He’s so proud that he even gave it a new name so everyone will think it really is substantially different than the original NAFTA deal.

Trump has named the new trade pact the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), although it might be better abbreviated as CAMUS, given the existential angst the negotiations to reach the deal have caused across North America.

While the president has been trumpeting how well received his deal has been received by all sides of the political spectrum, he apparently has yet to actually share the nuts and bolts of what was actually negotiated with Congress if this tweet from Congressman John Yarmouth (D-KY) is to be believed.

When the president’s signature is bigger than the content of the page onto which it is affixed, one has to wonder why he bothered sending it at all. Plus, who centers “Sincerely” on the page?

Given Trump’s primer-level command of the English language, the brevity of the message may actually be a blessing in disguise. However, the fact that the entire message is a simple self-congratulatory act of auto-fellatio, devoid of any details whatsoever about how the revision of the deal will help the American people in any way, demonstrates exactly why President Trump will go down as the most incompetent, narcissistic, and ineloquent chief executive in American history. It’s all there in black and white. Mostly white, in this case.

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