Republicans just tried to defend Kavanaugh’s bar fight on Twitter and it backfired hilariously


In a ridiculous turn of events that we really all should have seen coming, the right-wing media machine has now turned its attention to yesterday’s report that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had been involved in a 1985 bar fight after he mistook a random stranger for the lead singer of reggae band UB40.

Almost on cue, conservative talking heads unleashed a flood of absurd excuses for Kavanaugh’s boorish behavior and very telling boasts about their own acts of drunken violence, as if it was something to be proud of.

New York Times op-ed hack Ross Douthat, FOX Business ghoul Charles Gasparino and the Daily Wire‘s men’s rights weirdo Matt Walsh were some of the more prominent right-wingers to take to Twitter and scold everyone for making a big deal out of this, sharing the stories how they too got into fights in pizza shops and nearly lost eyes, which of course are all very normal and healthy behaviors.

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We’d be willing to bet that before the end of the day, the Federalist is going to publish a think piece entitled “Bar Fights: A Proud Icon Of Traditional American Masculinity” which opens with a loving ode to that beloved American hero, Patrick Swayze’s character in Roadhouse.

The idea that getting drunk and starting a brawl is somehow an acceptable behavior for anyone to do ridiculous, though clearly the more important part it is further evidence that Brett Kavanaugh potentially lied under oath about having “never blacked out drinking before” — one does not usually accost a stranger and start a fight without having consumed large amounts of alcohol, which fits in with the narrative of alcohol abuse and aggression painted by everybody who’s ever known him.

Twitter users immediately pounced on the pro-bar fight tweets and brutally roasted them:

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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

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