October 6, 2022

A prominent Republican woman just announced she’s voting Democrat over Kavanaugh in unexpected tweet

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How women continue to support and endorse the Republican Party when so much of its agenda runs directly against their interests continues to be a source of bewilderment to the rest of us, but the feeling that the horrendous debacle of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process and sexual assault investigation is going to be a breaking point continues to grow.


It’s hard to remember another time when Republican men have been so publicly and nakedly dismissive of women and their trauma. The unhinged fury and condescending rudeness exhibited by senior Republicans and their scum-sucking hyena lackeys in the media make it clear that the #MeToo movement has metastasized into a direct, existential threat to the impunity of powerful white men in Washington.

The very thought of being held accountable for their actions and being denied the privileges that they feel entitled to has sent a shockwave of terror through the spines of spoiled degenerates like Brett Kavanaugh, and their reaction has provoked them to pull off the hood and reveal themselves for who they really are — unrepentant sociopaths who derive pleasure from demeaning and humiliating women and minorities.

The appalling ugliness of the conservative response to the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh has struck a chord among the women of America, one in three of whom have had suffered sexual violence at the hands of men.  Never before have the “party of family values” made it so clear that they could not care about the concerns of women any less, and it’s driving them away.

Juliann Andreen, a longtime Republican who worked as a legislative assistant to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) for twelve years, announced on Twitter today that she was turning her back on the party and will be voting for Democrats in November:


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She’s not the only one. Since the sexual assault allegations came out against Kavanaugh, POLITICO’s polling found that President Trump and Kavanaugh’s approval rating among Republican women dropped a stunning 19 and 18 points, respectively — and that’s even before Kavanaugh cry-screamed at Sen. Amy Klobacher, demanding to know if she had ever gotten wasted before.

Sexual violence is a society-wide epidemic that faces all women, regardless of political affiliation. Like the virulent racism that animated the party for so many years, the GOP had succeeded in masking their exploitative misogyny in the trappings of religion and traditional values — until now.

The whole nation watched Maria Gallagher confront Senator Jeff Flake on the elevator, heard her say that a vote for Kavanaugh would mean that her sexual assault didn’t matter to him at all — and saw the rest of the GOP affirm their support for Kavanaugh, in a blatant signal that no, her assault and the assaults of all American women don’t matter to them.

That is a hard truth that Republican women must come to grips with — and it’s not going to end well for Trump and his fellow rape apologists.

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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of the Washington Press. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice, equality, and universal health care in America.

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