September 27, 2022

Avenatti just leveled Trump’s Dershowitz with a brutal response to today’s attack

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Alan Dershowitz — the formerly respected attorney who has utterly debased himself to curry favor with the Trump administration — penned an opinion piece for The Hill today, in which he attacked Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing Julie Swetnick, a woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee of being involved with gang rapes when he was in high school.


True to form, Dershowitz’ piece is far more concerned with casting aspersions on Avenatti’s reputation and discrediting the allegations rather than grappling with them in good faith.

“The affidavit laying out these allegations is so deeply flawed and so filled with gaps that it would be easy for any experienced cross-examiner to raise doubts about the credibility of the affiant. One critical question is why this young woman would repeatedly return to parties where she claims to have witnessed gang rapes of drugged women. Yet, since the charges are so serious, further investigation is warranted,” Dershowitz writes.

Dershowitz also makes the ridiculous assertion that Swetnick should forfeit her attorney-client privilege with Avenatti if she truly wants an investigation into the alleged gang rapes. Dershowitz claims such a move would allow investigators to discover if her claims have been workshopped or partially fabricated by Avenatti, a truly outlandish accusation.

One seriously doubts that Dershowitz would ever suggest one of his own clients give up attorney-client privilege. It’s a cheap trick masquerading as a sincere suggestion.

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Now, Avenatti has hit back at Dershowitz, proving once again that he isn’t afraid to take his critics and enemies head-on. He correctly points out that Dershowitz (who has been capering on Fox News, defending Trump for months and months) has no credibility left.

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Avenatti adds that he is happy to compare his recent record with Dershowitz. Whereas his allegations/predictions have born fruit, Dershowitz has been “concentrating on his Martha’s Vineyard invites.”

The last jab is a reference to a widely mocked story in The New York Times in which  Dershowitz whined that former friends have been shunning him over his Trump worship and that his once warm welcome in Martha’s Vineyard, the favored vacation spot for the wealthy and powerful, has grown cold.

If Dershowitz has any wisdom left he’ll shy away from this fight. Avenatti will eat him alive if this devolves into a full-blown feud.

Natalie Dickinson

Natalie is a staff writer for the Washington Press. She graduated from Oberlin College in 2010 and has been freelance blogging and writing for progressive outlets ever since.

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