September 24, 2022

Michael Avenatti just leveled Trump, Grassley, and Graham with a single devastating tweet.

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Michael Avenatti is on fire today.


After destroying President Trump in a couple of Twitter responses after the president attacked him as a “third-rate lawyer,” the attorney best known for his bulldog defense of adult film star Stormy Daniels brought two Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee into the fray as he tagged Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in a scathing tweet.

Avenatti’s tweet was the stuff of Republican nightmares as he accused Trump and both Senators of all of the things that the GOP dreads the most as they head into the midterm elections, raising accusations of white male privilege and victim shaming against aggrieved women.

With many women already turning against Trump because of his anti-women policies, his family separation scandal, and his general boorishness, Republicans are facing the midterm elections with a dead albatross of a Supreme Court nominee hanging on their necks and stinking to high heaven.

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Avenatti’s rightful accusations against the tactics of a Republican Judiciary Committee that has gone out of its way to avoid a full FBI investigation of the multiple allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh can only add fuel to the fire already stoked by Senator Orin Hatch’s pre-judgment of at least one of the beleaguered nominee’s accusers,  Deborah Ramirez, as reported in a tweet by CNN’s Jake Tapper.

With rationales put forward like that of Senator Hatch (R-UT), Republicans will have a difficult time convincing any intelligent woman—or man for that matter— that they are not a bunch of privileged white men committed to victim shaming to save their right-wing lifetime appointee to the nation’s highest court.

Unshackled by the rules of decorum that the Democratic Senators on the Judiciary Committee must follow in their ripostes to their Republican colleagues, Avenatti has the perfect platform to call the hypocritical, self-interested partisan hacks in the GOP exactly what they are. Bravo to him for doing so so vehemently!

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