October 6, 2022

A student just revealed evidence of a Republican lawmaker texting her a photo of his penis

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One would think that male politicians in this post-Anthony Weiner, post-#MeToo era would know better than to take pictures of their junk and send it in a text to an unsuspecting woman, but that would be overestimating the intelligence of at least one Republican State Senator in Texas.


The University of Texas is now looking into allegations that State Senator Charles Schwertner (R-District 5), texted a photo of his penis to a female graduate student along with the message “I just really want to f–k you,” according to The Austin American-Statesman.

Senator Schwertner, a UT alumnus, met the grad student at an event on campus at which she told the politician that she was interested in working for the Legislature, according to university officials. In subsequent conversations, the two exchanged a series of professional messages about networking and career advice through LinkedIn before moving the conversation over to text messages on their phones.

The seemingly innocuous series of exchanges changed its characteristic drastically when the woman suddenly received a text with an image that appeared to be a picture of Schwertner’s genitals taken in the shower, with the salacious message appended. The student responded with a message back calling the text inappropriate and when she received no reply, reported the text to the University authorities who are now investigating the incident.

According to The Austin American-Statesman, a spokesman for Senator Schwertner has denied the accusations against him.

“The Senator categorically denies any knowledge of the accusations leveled against him and only became aware of this allegation when contacted by the media late this afternoon. The Senator is eager to cooperate with the University of Texas and hopes to make clear he played no part in the behavior described,” Schwertner campaign spokesman Tom Holloway said Tuesday in a statement.

Schwertner is the third Texas State Senator to be accused of inappropriate sexual behavior in the last year, out of a total of 31 members. His website describes him as “a physician, family man, and life-long conservative,” who lives in Georgetown with his wife and three sons. When he was a freshman in the Texas Senate, Texas Monthly magazine voted him “most likely to succeed” out of all of the newly incoming senators, but after the last two legislative sessions, they named him to its list of the worst legislators in the state.

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With the University Of Texas investigators in possession of the original text message, the school is considering banning him from campus and hiring an outside legal counsel to pursue further investigation and possible action.

If the allegations prove true, it remains to be seen if he will suffer a similar complete destruction of his political career as happened to Anthony Weiner after his multiple sexting transgressions.

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Original reporting by Sean Collins Walsh and Tony Plohetski at The Austin American-Statesman.


Vinnie Longobardo

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