President Obama just revealed the solution to ending Trump’s corrupt regime with a rare tweet


Former President Barack Obama celebrated National Voter Registration Day today with a potent reminder of the best weapon to use to effect change in a U.S. government increasingly dominated by moneyed interests who control politicians through their virtually unlimited political donations.

Obama’s exhortation for organization and enthusiasm is worthless unless everyone heeds his call to register and to vote, whether by mail or in person on election day or at any early voting centers in your area.

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Given the efforts in many states to restrict voting rights using the phony excuse of massive voter fraud—an excuse that has been discredited many times—it’s important to check your registration today, even if you believe you are properly registered, to ensure that you weren’t purged from the rolls without your knowledge. provides a handy online resource for anyone in the country to check their registration status, register to vote, request an absentee ballot, find their polling place, and set election reminders.

Go there now to check your status and remember to exercise your right to vote before it’s too late.


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