March 25, 2023

Senator Graham just admitted that nothing Kavanaugh’s accuser can say will change his vote

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While it now looks like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has tentatively agreed to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee next this coming Thursday about her accusations of attempted rape by Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, any testimony she gives will be irrelevant to committee member Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), according to comments he made on Fox News Sunday this morning.

Graham essentially admitted to host Chris Wallace that he would ignore anything Dr. Ford says and vote for Kavanaugh anyway, indicating a literal extreme prejudice that should infuriate any women used to being dismissed or ignored by arrogant men of power.

Apparently more concerned with the effect of the allegations on Kavanaugh’s career than the effect the incident may have had on Dr. Ford’s life or the implications of confirming an accused sexual assaulter and perjurer to a lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court, Graham made the argument that the events that took place 36 years ago were outside the statute of limitations and therefore irrelevant.

It was an argument that host Chris Wallace was forced to correct him on since the state of Maryland where the alleged events took place has no statute of limitations on felony sexual assault.

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Graham’s admission that he’s already made up his mind before even hearing what Dr. Ford has to say, added to Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley’s refusal to call for a full FBI investigation of the accusations that would include sworn testimony from Mark Judge, the other person that Dr. Ford says was in the room and witnessed the assault, demonstrates that Republicans have no interest in discovering the truth if it interferes with their agenda of confirming a right-wing ideologue to the court.

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Graham’s close friend, the late Senator John McCain—a rare Republican who stuck to his principles even when it meant opposing the mainstream of his party—is surely turning over in his grave at the spectacle of Graham’s partisan abandonment of fairness and decency in his position towards this confirmation battle.

You can watch video clips of Senator Graham’s appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace in the tweets below, kindly posted by Aaron Rupar of ThinkProgress.

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