Harvard students just declared war on Brett Kavanaugh with a public demand

Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is at the heart of a growing sexual misconduct scandal now that he’s been credibly accused of attempting to rape a girl when they were both in high school.

As more details about his life have emerged, the country has been treated to an expanding portrait of a deeply creepy, possibly criminal man who shouldn’t be trusted to work at the DMV, let alone serve on the highest court in the land.

The mountain of evidence indicating that Kavanaugh is a lifelong sexual predator continues to grow and his reputation is being rightfully reduced to tatters. Now, students at Harvard Law School are questioning whether it’s appropriate for Kavanaugh to continue teaching at the university.

Three Harvard students published a piece in The Harvard Law Record entitled “What is HLS Doing About Professor Brett Kavanaugh?” In it, they question the wisdom of allowing him to teach “The Supreme Court since 2005,” a class he’s slated to run in the upcoming winter term. He receives $3,054 a day for the Harvard teaching job and has taught classes in the past.

“Has Harvard Law School considered how this opportunity to learn about the Supreme Court might not be equally available to women because many will self-select out of a class taught by a credibly accused sexual assailant? Women at this law school are already forced to opt out of clerkships and employment opportunities in order to avoid alleged sexual predators; they should not also be forced to opt out of classes,”  write.

The writers question whether Kavanaugh is being given a degree of extra leeway because of his “national prestige” that would not be afforded to less prominent professors. From there, they go on to point out that Kavanaugh’s praise of Trump, an avowed sexual predator, should itself call into question the validity of his teaching position.

“Unless a full and fair investigation is conducted, Harvard Law School cannot allow Kavanaugh to continue teaching its students and the Senate cannot confirm him to the Supreme Court,” the students conclude.

They are absolutely right to demand Kavanaugh be kept out of classrooms stopped unless Christine Blasey Ford’s attempted rape allegations are properly investigated. A man accused of attempted rape can’t be trusted in a position of power over students.

Earlier today, disturbing details of Kavanaugh’s college years surfaced when Yale Daily News published an article about Kavanaugh’s days at the university, during which he was part of an all-boys Yale secret society called “Truth and Courage” which was referred to as “Tit and Clit.” The creepily nicknamed organization eventually disappeared in the 2010’s.

Kavanaugh was also a member of the fraternity DKE, which was known for raiding female student’s rooms to steal their underwear. The organization had a reputation for mistreating women and was suspended for five years in 2010 by Yale after its members were caught on video yelling “no means yes, yes means anal” in front of the Yale Women’s Center.

Yale Daily News also revealed that the university opened an investigation into DKE this past spring after more than half a dozen of its members were accused of sexual assault. A man who has chosen to associate with such ignominious organizations should be excluded from serving on the Supreme Court.