December 8, 2022

A disturbing new report just exposed the very creepy way Kavanaugh chose his law clerks

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With each passing day, it seems more information emerges that quickly erodes the ersatz facade of Brett Kavanaugh’s All-American Basketball Coach Carpool Dad image that conservative pundits and columnists have desperately tried to sell to the American people and exposes the repulsive rot underneath.


As Washington grapples with Professor Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee, a new report from The Guardian reveals that the squeaky-clean image of Kavanaugh peddled by The Wall Street Journal is nothing of the sort.

Law students at Yale University told reporters that they were coached by their professor, Amy “Tiger Mom” Chua, to exude a “model-like femininity” to the judge in order to get clerkships with him and that it was “not an accident” that all of his clerks “looked like models.”

One source said that in at least one case, a law student was so put off by Chua’s advice about how she needed to look, and its implications, that she decided not to pursue a clerkship with Kavanaugh, a powerful member of the judiciary who had a formal role in vetting clerks who served in the US supreme court.

Her husband, Jed Rubenfeld, reportedly told one student that “You should know that Judge Kavanaugh hires women with a certain look…He did not say what the look was and I did not ask.”

The report makes it clear that “the couple were not known to do that in connection with other judges.”

Taken at face value, it would appear that Kavanaugh was exploiting his position and the enormous potential upward mobility he could provide his clerks in order to assemble a harem of attractive women to titillate him — and had his desires enabled by senior figures in an elite academic institution.

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When asked for comment, a spokesman for Yale University said that “This is the first we have heard claims that Professor Chua coached students to look ‘like models’. We will look into these claims promptly, taking into account the fact that Professor Chua is currently unreachable due to serious illness. If true, this advice is clearly unacceptable.”

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While there’s no evidence that Kavanaugh did anything inappropriate towards these women, when taken in the context of everything else that’s happened over the past week, it’s reasonable to wonder if more women are going to come forward with their own disturbing tales.

The flood of pro-Kavanaugh puff pieces in the op-ed sections of major publications after he was first nominated is now starting to make much more sense; everyone in Washington knows that Kavanaugh is a predatory creep with serious baggage and wanted to head it off before the stories began to come out.

It is truly breathtaking to realize that the cynical right-wing has tried to spin his fondness for attractive women into proof that he’s actually an empowerer of women because 21 out of 25 of his clerks were women when we know now that he had very different motivations influencing his decision to choose them.

When taken together with his sexual assault allegations, his history of alleged perjury, the emails in which he exposes himself as a hard-drinking gambler, and now his demonstrated fondness for surrounding himself with attractive young women, it paints a picture of a self-entitled, presumptuous frat boy that doesn’t deserve to keep his current judgeship, let alone be elevated to a lifetime position on our nation’s highest court.

Original reporting by Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Jessica Glenza at the Guardian

Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

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