February 2, 2023

Obama’s Attorney General just fired back at Trump for his shameful 9/11 political attacks

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September 11th is a day for Americans to come together in solidarity, to remember that what binds us together is stronger than the forces trying to tear us apart. This year — more so than any other year since the horrific terror attacks in New York — the United States feels divided. We are led by a president who seems to have a vested interest in driving wedges between us, in reducing us to petty tribal squabbling between race, class, and political affiliation.


This morning, Lou Dobbs, one of Trump’s slobbering media attack dogs, went afer President Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder by claiming that if he were still running the Justice Department  it would be “behaving no differently.”

Presumably, Dobbs is trading on the widespread impression in Trumpland that Holder was corrupt and partisan and is using his name as shorthand to attack Jeff Sessions, who Trump has long been displeased with. In essence, he’s saying things couldn’t be any worse at the DOJ, not even if Eric Holder were running it. It was a cheap, dishonest sentiment.

Trump himself tweeted out Dobbs’s unprovoked jab, refusing to abandon his brand of petty political bickering even on a day like today. The man is incapable of understanding or simply doesn’t care that what Americans want from their president today is a message of strength and unity. Instead he’s giving us more reality television drama.

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Eric Holder, never one to hold his tongue when it comes to criticising the current president, quickly shot back. He correctly stated that today is “not a day for the usual unhinged Trump politics.” Instead, Holder said we should use today to reflect on the American lives lost on 9/11 and on the sacrifices of the courageous first responders who died on that fateful day.

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Holder then followed up with a tweet defending the DOJ, saying that they fought and continue to fight for everything from voting rights to fighting climate change to criminal justice reform. He then accused Trump of being “nuts” and stuck Dobbs with the Trumpian moniker “Crazy Louie.” Holder fought fire with fire, and it’s certain to drive Trump red with rage.

Robert Haffey

Robert Haffey is a political writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He is a graduate of Drexel University.

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