Fox Business’ senior correspondent just said President Trump’s economic remarks are “bullsh*t”


Charles Gasparino, one of the senior correspondents for Fox Business News, has a far different take on President Trump than his colleagues on the network. While Lou Dobbs, the most well-known anchor on FBN, shills for the president on a daily basis, Gasparino has a difficult time with Trump’s penchant for being totally divorced from reality.

Gasparino took to Twitter to denounce the president after he falsely tweeted yesterday that the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth had exceeded the unemployment rate for the first time in 100 years.

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White House economist Kevin Hassett had already fact-checked his boss’s fallacious claim from the podium of the White House briefing room in response to a question about Trump’s tweet.

“So I can tell you what is true,” Hassett said. “What is true is that it’s the highest in 10 years. And at some point, somebody probably conveyed it to him, adding a zero to that, and they shouldn’t have done that.”

“I’m not the chairman of the Council of Twitter Advisers,” he added.

Whether a purposeful lie or simply based on the president’s deep ignorance, Trump’s tweet inspired Gasparino to send a withering reply to a supportive comment made by Wall Street Journal editorial columnist Kimberley Strassel.


This wasn’t the last of Gasparino’s savage takes on Trump. Within an hour he sent another tweet slamming the basic dishonesty of the president.

While lying may come as easily to Trump as drawing a breath, one can only hope that he soon learns respiration without the dissemination of fake statistics and phony boasts.

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