Trump just unloaded a double-whammy tantrum about NIKE and the NFL


President Trump took to Twitter this morning to revive his feud with the National Football League just one day before the opening kickoff of the 2018 season, lashing out at Nike for putting activist quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the face of their #JustDoIt campaign and at the NFL in general for allowing players to protest police brutality and systematic racism by kneeling during the national anthem.

Nike’s stocks did drop about 3% yesterday but have already begun recovering; while not an insignificant drop in the market, the loss hardly constitutes “getting killed” for a company whose shares have grown by 28% this year, even after the drop.

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While Nike’s investors aren’t the happiest in the world with the decision, the executives have made it clear where they stand. “This is a company that’s not afraid to take sides… It’s part of the brand to be controversial and get their name out there” said Frost Investment Advisor investment officer Tom Stringfellow to CNN Money.

In reality, the only thing getting “killed” in this situation are the lung cells of Trump fans who have been recklessly burning their shoes for social media posts, inhaling toxic burning rubber for a chance to own the libs.


So it’s safe to say that the President’s pathetic attempt to distract the nation from the stunning revelations in veteran journalist Bob Woodward’s upcoming book is not going to have the effect that he hopes it will. If he thinks the vast majority of Americans are going to set aside their team loyalties just because Trump told them too, he’s got another thing coming.


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Colin Taylor

Managing Editor

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