James Comey just took a personal shot at Trump in brutal response to his Labor Day attack on Sessions

Former FBI director James Comey, whose refusal to agree to help President Trump cover up his campaign team’s shady deeds sparked the beginning of the Mueller investigation, watched in horror as the president launched a shameful Labor Day attack on the rule of law in the United States and threatened the independence of the Justice Department that Comey spent so many years serving.

Trump’s tweet reveals two things: firstly, that he’s convinced that former Attorney General Eric Holder protected President Obama from scandal because he abused his power to do so, not because President Obama didn’t have any scandals that required investigation; secondly, that President Trump has absolutely no respect for the rule of law or the Justice Department’s mission to enforce the laws and prosecute crimes when they discover them, no matter what letter is next to that politician’s name.

Comey took to Twitter and leveled a barely-disguised shot at Trump with a quote from New Thought philosopher C.D. Larson that calls him a “second-rate man” of inferior character who is responsible for the decline of our nation.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.