May 26, 2022

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer just made an announcement that will ruin Trump’s Sunday

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While Donald Trump has announced that he will be leading a campaign rally at “the biggest stadium in Texas we can find” for the man he once dubbed “Lying Ted Cruz,” Michael Avenatti — the president’s persistent antagonist in Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit to release the porn star from her non-disclosure agreement — has vowed to organize a competing “resistance rally” at the exact same time that Trump and Cruz momentarily pretend to like each other to help the Texas Senator retain his seat.

Pledging to “fight fire with fire,” Avenatti has been one of the few public figures in the opposition to Trump who has successfully adopted the president’s own tactics to use against him. As such, the attorney announced his plans using the same platform that Trump regularly exploits to communicate with his own base, Twitter.

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Senator Cruz is facing a surprisingly tough re-election battle against the Democratic candidate, El Paso native Beto O’Rourke, despite the fact that no Democrat has been elected to the US Senate from Texas since 1990.

President Trump has endorsed Cruz despite their leftover bad blood from the Republican presidential primaries, presumably because he knows that the loss of a Republican-controlled Senate could mean a guilty verdict in any impending impeachment proceedings.

With Avenatti mulling a presidential run himself, he is positioning himself as the candidate who could actually match Trump blow for blow as a street fighter with an equal mastery of social media and cable news manipulation.

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Avenatti’s announcement of a competing resistance rally surprisingly makes no reference to Beto O’Rourke’s candidacy and is devoid of details beyond a promise that they will be announced later.

By organizing a rally that that may be seen as a protest against Trump more than an active attempt to elect the Democratic candidate for the Senate, Avenatti may be working a bit too closely to the mold of Trump’s previous political rallies, where the president barely mentions the candidates he is ostensibly supporting as he spends his time at the podium exaggerating his own accomplishments in office and railing against “fake news” and “phony witch hunts.”

However, If Avenatti manages to partner with the O’Rourke campaign to create an effective counter-demonstration to Trump’s theatrics, it could provide the extra momentum that the Democratic candidate needs to help O’Rourke claim victory in the tight race.

Stay tuned to see how this story develops.

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